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Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns


For the past decade or so, I’ve tried to make homemade treats for Valentine’s Day. I can recall the failed DIY candy bars, the blobby, hollow “heart-shaped” macarons, the wet, oozing chocolate-dipped strawberries, and even the year our kitchen was packed away in moving boxes and my husband and I scarfed down an entire bag of conversation hearts. I remember these epic kitchen disasters with fondness, but from now on, I am sticking to cake to celebrate romantic holidays. Who needs the extra stress of tempering chocolate or perfecting macarons anyways?

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns


Leopard Print Buttercream Cake - how to make a pink leopard print cake using buttercream frosting. A new cake tutorial by our contributor, Erin Gardner. A quick scroll or spin through the fall offerings of any clothing or home goods retailer this year will have you seeing spots, literally. Leopard print is back in a big way! For some of us it never left (eh, hem). As most of you know, trends that pop up in clothing and home goods almost always make their way onto cakes.

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns


Sprinkle Girl Cake - how to make cute girly face cakes with sprinkles for the hair and chocolate heart sunglasses. A new cake tutorial by our contributor Erin Gardner. I am officially obsessed with these little sprinkle-haired cuties. A few years ago cakes featuring girls with hair made of berries and fresh fruit started popping up all over instagram. Instantly, I used my dessert forces for evil and thought, “Oooh, that’d be even better with candy or sprinkles!” The idea was filed away in the back of my brain and forgotten. Fortunately, it didn’t disappear entirely! It popped back up as I brainstormed ideas for Valentine’s Day cakes.